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event photography

event photography

to watch · to experience · to be touched

people photography

people photography

to see; to comprehend; to be connected

nature photography

nature photography

to feel · to taste · to be in

object photography

object photography

to perceive · to understand · to be convinced

About me

Since childhood I have always carried a camera with me but only through my job as graphic designer did I learn what professional photography meant. Hours of reviewing, selecting and editing taught me the value of a good picture and led me to become a photographer myself. Today photography is part of my profession and still one of my greatest passions.

Image editing

Beautyretouching100 %
Tonal Correction100 %
Composing100 %
RAW editing100 %

Become my client

…dancers, actors and musicians

…companies, agencies and organizations

…job-seekers, start-ups and managers

Passion Photography

To go out, to meet people, to explore light, scenes and scenery; to connect people, to stimulate them to reflect, to give them a moment of pause; to let them dive into the world of pixel and colore and to let them discover …whatever – photography can be all this and more.


Kai Flemming
Grafic design | Illustration | Training | Photography

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